Reasons to Get a Hair Highlighting at Home

Posted by HaircolorChameleon on Wed, Jul 19th, 2006
Instead of the professional assitance, you can always create your own hair highlight at home. Here are the reasons:
  1. Because getting a salon highlight can be expensive and hard to work into a busy schedule, many people are choosing to use DIY home kits.
  2. With the many choices available, it is important to choose a kit that is easy to use and produces good results.
  3. High lighting, low lighting, and refinishing toners for currently highlighted hair are all available in several formulas, depending on your current color.
  4. It also offers a precision brush for control, and how-to videos online. Many other brands offer similar options.

To pick the best color, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Pink-toned people should avoid red shades
  2. Yellow-toned people may want to stay away from yellows or orange based colors
  3. Olive-toned people may want to go darker and use low lights

Some more tips on home hair highlighting:

  1. Always do an allergy test before dying your hair. Even if you have used the brand before, an allergy may have developed.
  2. Instead of using the gloves provided, you may want to purchase your own better fitting gloves.
  3. Unless the directions state otherwise, apply color to dry, unwashed hair.
  4. Hair highlights should go on the top layer for the best visibility. However, if you change your part or switch styles frequently, consider doing a layer or two below that to keep from looking unbalanced.
  5. Highlight from back to front, so you do not drag your arm through the colorant.
  6. Asking a friend to help with coloring can produce better results, as she or he can help with the back.
  7. When in doubt, leave the color on for less time instead of more.

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Posted by diana on Wed, Jan 6th, 2010
I recently highlighted my hair but it stayed kinda of orangy on top what can I do or what kind of toner can I put. The rest of my hair came out like a light brown
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Posted by SHAY on Wed, Dec 2nd, 2009
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Posted by Eileen on Wed, May 27th, 2009
I went to a salon to get highlights for my dark brown hair. The highlights that i have are really blonde. What should I do the highlights are thick and I dont want to be very noticeable blonde. I am not light skin tone.Im more dark skin. What should I do.. to remove all that blonde the best way..
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Posted by Natalie on Sat, May 9th, 2009
i have dark hair and i want to put blonde highlites in ma hair where bouts in the hair shall i put the highlites??
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Posted by janet on Tue, Feb 3rd, 2009
i have very light blonda hair.    I just some light it looks dull.
When I have it highitlight most people can't tell it.    They say oh you washed your hair.    What color should I use?
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Posted by noor on Thu, Jan 15th, 2009
i have many grey hairs i want to colour it please help
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