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Hair Coloring and Highlighting Trends

Before making the decision to highlight your hair either at home or at the salon, you need to find important information on some of the things that you may need to know in order to guarantee great results, for example, what is highlighting and lowlighting, or basics of hair colors, or the hair coloring secrets'

The reason to get a hair highlight is to gain the effcet of a sun-kissed glow and give dimension to your hairstyle. Vary the shade and intensity of the color depending on your skin color and the effect you'd like to achieve. So, it is important to get the right tone of color and make your highlight perfect. Here are some tips for you to go through for the right hair highlight colors.
  • First you should consider your natural or colored hair color and the contrast you desire when get the hair highlight. No matter you are blondes, red heads or brunettes, you can always highlight your hair. Results will vary depending on your original hair color and the formula you choose.
  • If you have cool skin tones, complement with shades of ash or beige for blonds and brunettes and violet based reds for redheads. If you have warm skin tones, enhance with golden and caramel hues for brunettes, light golden shades and straw hues for blondes, and auburn or copper shades for red heads.
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